We all know the feeling, you're listening to a song during a ride to your school or perhaps a work, but then, out of nowhere, a totally history making song starts playing into your ears, you're so immersed that there's not time for you to check the songs name. But then, then you realize what kind of mistake you've made by not checking the name, by not even having a chance to remember the name of the songs. In this article, we'll explain how to view your Spotify history without any hustle, keeping it short and easy for everyone.


How do I see my Spotify history anywhere?

Now, seeing your Spotify history wasn't always as easy as it's now and even though Spotify allows you to see the history within the app or web application, they're still putting some 'barricades' between you and your history. We'll try to take this part of hustle away, making access to your Spotify history as simple and hustle-free as possible. We'll need only a few things, this is also where our claims of it working anywhere where web browser is working fulfills its claims. We've made an application (or tool) on our website, that (as said) anyone with access to web browser can use no matter what device they're on. Let's get to the steps itself, it's pretty straight-forward and you'll be seeing your Spotify history in no time.

1. Go to our tools page (https://www.sheeio.com/tools)

2. Select 'Recently play on Spotify' to see your Spotify history