We've been working on a new update for some time now, it's about the time to release its first version and sum what's new.


The looks

Let's start with the looks, we've remade it from the websites navbar to footer. As you can notice, we have a new maskot (that we don't know the name of yet) and it's the bird that you can see everywhere! You could also notice that we no longer use the Spotify-ish green color, we'll get to the main reason why later. We were aiming to make the design more consistent, make the spacing as similar as possible at similar places.


We've also changed the background color to more friendly version of dark-mode color.


Light or dark side? We won't force you to choose

We've added a full light design that you can start using whenever you'd feel like to. We've tried keeping it as friendly as possible, so that it won't burn your eyelids out ;) You can either change the theme via the footers sun/moon icon, or you can select a permanent theme preferce within your Settings -> Set your preferred theme


Why the overall brand look

You may be asking why we've changed everything from navbar to footbar. It's because we don't want to be Spotify only focused within the future, we'd like to add more things from different streaming services as well.


Page functionality

The page functionality stays the same, still as friendly as it was with a few new surprises waiting for you.


Spotify publicity

We've made it so that you can share your statistics within your friends easily. You just click one button, copy one link and that's it. And you can change your publicity whenever you'd like to within your settings!


That's not it

We'll leave the rest of discovering to you, feel free to browse around and get inhered by new features.


Glitches & bugs

If you find anything that's glitched or not working at all, then please contact us via our Contact Us page.