March didn't even start properly yet, however, we already have some top picks that are making it into our charts from the music world. Let's summarize the top 8 songs for the start of March 2022.


1. Heat Waves

Heat Waves by Glass Animals made it into our first position due to its insane amount of streams within the last weeks, it achieved over 30 million streams and that's just in this week alone, we can't blame you though, becuase the songs is awesome!


2. Stay (w/ Justin Bieber)

We all know this classic from The Kid LAROI whom invited a Justin Bieber himself for this song, its been within the tops for some time now, and we (personally) do not think it'll go down anytime soon.


3. Enemy (with JID)

This song is a mix from more than one artist, to be more correct it's from four artists in total (Imagine Dragons, JID, Arcane, League of Legends).



This song has been in the tops for a while as well, and we know it isn't going down anytime soon. It was made by GAYLE, which is becoming more and more popular, day by day.



We personally did not know this song, and worry not we DO feel ashamed, it's amazing and Becky G + KAROL G definitely deserve this place in our tops.


6. Cold Heart - PNAU Remix

What could go wrong about a remix, right, nothing!


7. Industry Baby


8. Easy on Me

Adele is still a non-dying legend, and it may stay like that for while, we definitely don't mind though as her songs are still as awesome as they always were.